Wednesday, December 25

Capri Blue Volcano

I have never been a fan of sweet smelling candles. I shudder at the thought of a cupcake or vanilla scented anything, unless it's baked goods. This year I was gifted the beautiful Capri Blue candle for Christmas by the lovely Jenny.

This beautiful candle smells like a tropical heaven. Infused with tropical fruits, sugared oranges, and lemons this is everything I dream of in a candle. The beautiful red glass jar creates a soothing ambience as the flame plays inside. I first fell in love with this candle after countless times being mesmerized when I enter an Anthropologie. They have this candle burning year round and I have been eyeing it for years. Finally I can have the luxury of this in my own room.

For $28 you get this cozy recycled glass candle. I don't feel too guilty paying the steep price because of how slowly it burns. I have used it about 4 times and I have yet to make a significant dent in the candle unlike the Bath and Body Candles that seem to disappear into thin air. I will definitely be repurchasing this for years to come with hopes of calling this my signature scent.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! I know I won't be able to part with this Christmas tree for another couple of weeks. 

Monday, December 23

Nars Isolde

You can probably guess that I have a bit of love for the Nars Isolde eyeshadow duo, using the name as my blog name and such. I have had this eyeshadow for a couple years and whenever I am having a little bit of a creative road bump I always turn to this eyeshadow. It is beautiful, creamy, and pigmented.
The one complaint I have about this duo is the packaging. While the Nars packaging is beautiful it is nearly impossible to keep clean, as you can see in the photos above.  

The Isolde Duo is a beautiful copper duo. The lighter shade on the right comes off as more of a copper shimmer on the eyelid. Then you can use the richer dark color on the right in the crease of the eye or as a liner. This duo is very forgiving and perfect for someone who is looking for an everyday staple that isn't a boring matte brown shade. 

The verdict: The Nars Isolde duo will set you back $34 but is well worth the investment. This is one of my favorite eyeshadow duos that is creamy and without any unwanted fallout. Perfect for various skin tones this will add a beautiful glow to the eyes. 

Tuesday, December 3

Winter Season

After getting adjusted to the first quarter of University I think I am ready to get back into posting on here regularly. Expect a lot of great stuff to show up once or twice a week. 

Currently I am lounging on my bed and burning my much loved tea and lemon candle, which is sadly almost burnt up, and jotting down ideas in my journal for upcoming blog posts. I want this to be mainly focused on beauty and fashion posts but all I can think up is cute baking ideas for the winter season. 

I have been overly obsessed with being cozy. Every morning I throw on my fuzzy slippers and my zara cardigan and lounge around in pure bliss. I have missed doing nothing so much that I have even started indulging in cat naps throughout the day. 

I can't wait for the first real snow fall and the heavenly blanket of snow. I am getting all emotional just thinking about it. Everything seems so calm and undisturbed. Not even a single foot print. These are the moments that I am thankful I grew up in Chicago.

And now I am off to experience the majestic Eataly. 

Friday, July 5

Recently Acquired: July 5, 2013

Since school is over I've had a lot more time on my hands. I've turned this time into shopping time, hahaha. In the past week I went a little crazy and bought some items I've been eyeing for a very long time. Before I buy anything I do my research on it so I expect great things from these products. 

In the pan this powder has a plain white shimmer. But when lightly dusted it gives you the most beautiful matte glow. Sounds contradicting but I am obssesed with how this powder can give me an amazing glow while hiding the extra grease on the humid summer days. It is so finely milled that it won't make you look chalky. The "Diffused Light" shade is supposed to hide redness and I feel like that my face looks much smoother and evened out after I use it. I wasn't expecting much from this powder but now I definitely want to go and try some more of the colors. 
I've been eyeing this blush for about a year now. The idea that it adjust to your skin's moisture level and then provides you with a perfect rosy glow was very tempting. It looks so bright in the pan but when swatches provides you with a beautiful rosy glow. I am so excited to make this my daily blush for an effortless youthful look. 
For some reason I have been leaning towards Dior cosmetics lately. Maybe because I love their packaging and always pass by their display in Sephora eyeing their little pieces of luxury. So finally I decided to splurge and get those products I've been drooling over for years. I finally decided to get a Dior lipgloss. I stood in the store trying out all the different shades. All of them felt like the average gloss on my lips, kind of sticky and not very smooth. Then I accidentally tried the Addict Lip Glow and fell in love. I am amazed at how smooth and non-sticky this gloss is. I barely feel like I have anything on my lips and it provides me with a perfect amount of moisture and silky smoothness. This gloss is supposed to somehow work with the moisture of your lips and adjust in color I can't say much for the change in color since it is a sheer pink for the most part. Sorry about the blurry photo but by this time my camera decided that focusing was too much of a chore. 


Tuesday, July 2

June Essentials.

Here are some of my favorites from the month of June. These are some of the products that helped me stay cool and collected during the humid weather. 

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner $16.00
This black eyeliner does the job it is meant to do. It has a stiff felt tip which helps you create that perfect straight line. It is the only eyeliner that I have used that doesn't bleed or smear as the day goes on. I used this almost everyday to help define my eyes and make them pop all in the matter of seconds.
Benefit They're Real! Mascara $23.00
This mascara is all that it is hyped up to be and more. It does magical things to my eyelashes. Just 2 coats and my lashes look fuller and longer. It doesn't smear under my eyes after walking around in the sweltering heat for hours like all the other mascaras do. And most importantly it doesn't flake after a long day of wear.  I only have the smaller size from Sephora as a birthday gift. I might even say that this is my holy grail mascara.
Nuxe RĂªve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm $19.00
I had this in my stash for a couple months before I learned how to property use it. This smells exactly like pure honey. When I first got this I thought I needed to slather it on in heaps for it have some sort of substantial moisturization for my lips, like all the other lip balms I have ever had in the past. But in reality all I need is a light layer overnight and I wake up with silky soft lips. This is always on my nightstand and even for such a small size it has lasted me for a while.
Caudalie Beauty Elixier $18.00
Another staple of mine. The aroma is one resembling a spa day at home. I spray this on my face whenever I need a quick pick me up. I love this especially on a humid day since it does feel a little tingly and tightening or as a refresher after a nice workout. This is definitely not a necessity but once you start using the luxury is something you don't want to give up.
Lumene Vitamin C Pure Radiance 24 hour Lotion 
I found this at my local TJ Max for a couple dollar. I love the Lumene skincare line and all of their products work really well with my skin. I swipe this lotion on in the mornings after my Clarisonic and my skin instantly drinks it up. It doesn't leave my skin oily or greasy looking and keeps me looking fresh for the rest of the day. I can't say it has done anything with the radiance aspect. I am just glad that it is made with good ingredients and gets the job done.
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation $18.65
 I got this while I was on vacation in Russia since it isn't available in the US. I am obsessed with the smell. It smells light fresh and fruity but after a couple seconds the scent fades leaving a smooth and glowing finish on the face. It is a light gel consistency and blends like a dream. I have pretty oily skin and this foundation keeps me glowy, not oily, for the entire day. I am so sad that I won't have such ease of access to it here is the US.
Nars Laguna Bronzer $36.00
Everyone owns this bronzer or at least has heard of it. It applies evenly and it is very difficult to over do. I use this as an all over face powder at the moment because my foundation is a bit to light and this helps give me the perfect tan. If  I am looking closely I can see very fine glitter but nothing that will make you look like Edward Cullen.
M.A.C Blush-Dame $21.00
My go to blush for a flushed light pink cheek. This blush is perfect for lighter skin tones and provides the innocent light pink flush but also looked beautiful paired with a tan. One swipe and I am ready to go. Very difficult to over do, frankly it might be impossible. Dame is such a forgiving blush great for a first blush from M.A.C.
L'Occitane Hand Cream- Shea Butter $28.00
I think everyone should try out a L'Occitane hand cream. They are so nourishing and creamy. I adore the Shea Butter one for the smell and for how soft it leaves my hands. Working in food services leads me to wash my hands at least 10 times a day making them dry and cracked, even my nails grow parched. The minute I get home I slather this cream on and bask in the glory of baby smooth hands. Plus the tube will last you years!

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