Sunday, May 31

Weekly Thoughts May 31st

No matter the day, it always takes me hours of persuasion to get to the gym. Even though afterwards I tell myself this is the best I've ever felt. It kind of sucks but I think my current apartment simply makes me feel unmotivated and gloomy with how little sunlight I get. I am used to waking up with the sun shinning at me at 6 am. Yet here there is 30 minutes, at most, of bright sunlight and then its a gray dreary light. I've been making myself go on these walks down the lake path too keep myself from going crazy. There is simply something soothing being surrounded by active people on a nice sunny day. I draw a lot of energy from these people but at the same time I reach a point where I have to be by myself.

I took Friday for myself and did everything that I wanted to and not simply needed. Sitting by the lake and doing some reading for my study abroad class I met some awesome painters. I guess I chose the best view because they spent a couple minutes walking around me and trying to see where they could settle down too. We talked about painting and the types of mediums they were using. We ended up joking and having a good time. It's funny how when you're not expecting to meet anyone you meet the best people. Sitting in the sun for a good 4 hours helped motivate me to get through the next week before I fly off to Ireland! Even though I love the city, I feel a constant draw to nature and the serenity that it brings.