Monday, February 1

Most Loved Blushers.

Do you ever find yourself swatching blushes at 2 a.m the week before your exams, somewhere deep inside you're screaming at yourself for procrastinating so much but the colors are sooo beautiful. Well, if not, I don't think this blog is for you.

Here is a little peak into the little treasures.

Lets start off with the only one not pictured, that's Sin by Nars. I have a swatch for you ladies at the bottom of this post. Nars has some of the most pigmented and longest lasting blushes that I have ever used. The color pay off is outstanding and I have never had problems with fading or chalkiness. Sin doesn't look like your average blush, with a plummy tone and gold flex throughout. The gold turns more into a sheen once it is applied. And with a light hand this looks beautiful, it enhances my cheekbones while giving me a natural flush. I would recommend it to all with a lighter skin tone. The Nars blushes are on the pricer side coming out at $30 but don't worry you probably won't need a replacement for a couple years. These babies look brand new even though I used them almost daily.

Next up, is Luster by... you guessed it Nars. This one is described as a sheer golden apricot. It is quite hard to over do this one. You can layer it for days and it still looks subtle and natural. I especially love it on tanned skin to give radiance and depth. A great daily color. You could probably get away with using this as an eyeshadow too.

The beautiful Hourglass ambient blush in Mood Exposure. I have been loving the plumy shades lately. This one is breathtaking in the package and it took me a while to not feel guilty every time I used it. Sometimes I just open it up and stare at how perfect a blush can be. It is one of those blushes that just enhances your whole look. Again, super pigmented and it combines their beloved ambient lighting powder with the blush shade to create a beautiful glow to the skin. These may look smaller than the Nars blushes but they are only .1oz less and $5 more, which isn't too bad. The packaging definitely makes up for it.

The next one I'll briefly go over because I believe it was a limited edition, Mac's Florida. In the pan this looks terrifying. Who wears a bright fuchsia color like this... Well being a cream it's extremely easy to get a beautiful glow with a light band and good blending. This is one of the best summer blushes, giving you a nice pop of color that can be easily toned down. Honestly this will last me forever with how pigmented it is. I apologize for the heavily used pans, but these are my most loved!

Next is a baby pink by Dior, the Rosy Awakening Blush, coming in at $34 and .26 oz. Even with the price tag it is much bigger than the standard .15oz Nars blush. It took me a while to fall in love with this one. I'm still a big skeptic of the skin chemistry and adjusting to your skin part... but it does give you a beautiful rosy glow. Very youthful and fresh looking. I like to use this on my lazy days when I'm not too worried about my makeup, but need my face to look alive.

Another favorite from the cream blush spectrum is Illamasqua's Promise. This was my first cream blush a couple years back and I love it dearly. It reminds me of a intensified Dior Awakening Blush. You can still get this on their website but I got this when Illamasqua was still sold at Sephora stores. I can't even give it justice but this one gives your cheeks the dewiest and most ethereal glow possible. It makes you look like a glowing goddess. Especially in the winter, when I'm the palest, this makes me spend an extra moment just gazing at my reflection. I wish I could gift this to everyone. Even thinking about it right now is making me excited.

This next one, Illamasqua's Excite, probably has you questioning my sanity. Something just draws me to blushes that look crazy but can be beautiful when using a light hand. This orange shade looks beautiful on tanned skin. And trust me you'll never run out. It can come off a bit powdery but I can't stress enough, use a light hand! Building up color is such an important process and not just smacking globs of blush on and attempting to blend it out. It's always easier to add more on then blend out streaky messes.

And lastly, Nar's Deep Throat. Lets not talk about the name, I am totally fine with writing about them but if anyone stopped me on the street and asked what blush I was wearing I would probably have to lie. This is a fairly new addition to my collection and I have an adorable tiny sample size. It remind me of a toned down Orgasm, which I love quite a bit too, but this has more of a sheen and less of the coral of Orgasm. I love how effortless this one is. And if you go a bit heavy handed it won't do you too much harm.

I hope you enjoyed my obsessive 2 a.m rant about blushes. There is something that makes me feel so much joy when I buy a new blusher. I'm not a big lipstick fan and tend to stick to the neutral colors but something about blush and how a new color makes me feel like a completely different person makes it hard for me not to hoard. Here are some comparison swatches of the beauties.

Do you have a go to blush that you wouldn't even dare to replace? ...because I may have to buy it too. 

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