Friday, July 5

Recently Acquired: July 5, 2013

Since school is over I've had a lot more time on my hands. I've turned this time into shopping time, hahaha. In the past week I went a little crazy and bought some items I've been eyeing for a very long time. Before I buy anything I do my research on it so I expect great things from these products. 

In the pan this powder has a plain white shimmer. But when lightly dusted it gives you the most beautiful matte glow. Sounds contradicting but I am obssesed with how this powder can give me an amazing glow while hiding the extra grease on the humid summer days. It is so finely milled that it won't make you look chalky. The "Diffused Light" shade is supposed to hide redness and I feel like that my face looks much smoother and evened out after I use it. I wasn't expecting much from this powder but now I definitely want to go and try some more of the colors. 
I've been eyeing this blush for about a year now. The idea that it adjust to your skin's moisture level and then provides you with a perfect rosy glow was very tempting. It looks so bright in the pan but when swatches provides you with a beautiful rosy glow. I am so excited to make this my daily blush for an effortless youthful look. 
For some reason I have been leaning towards Dior cosmetics lately. Maybe because I love their packaging and always pass by their display in Sephora eyeing their little pieces of luxury. So finally I decided to splurge and get those products I've been drooling over for years. I finally decided to get a Dior lipgloss. I stood in the store trying out all the different shades. All of them felt like the average gloss on my lips, kind of sticky and not very smooth. Then I accidentally tried the Addict Lip Glow and fell in love. I am amazed at how smooth and non-sticky this gloss is. I barely feel like I have anything on my lips and it provides me with a perfect amount of moisture and silky smoothness. This gloss is supposed to somehow work with the moisture of your lips and adjust in color I can't say much for the change in color since it is a sheer pink for the most part. Sorry about the blurry photo but by this time my camera decided that focusing was too much of a chore. 


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