Tuesday, December 3

Winter Season

After getting adjusted to the first quarter of University I think I am ready to get back into posting on here regularly. Expect a lot of great stuff to show up once or twice a week. 

Currently I am lounging on my bed and burning my much loved tea and lemon candle, which is sadly almost burnt up, and jotting down ideas in my journal for upcoming blog posts. I want this to be mainly focused on beauty and fashion posts but all I can think up is cute baking ideas for the winter season. 

I have been overly obsessed with being cozy. Every morning I throw on my fuzzy slippers and my zara cardigan and lounge around in pure bliss. I have missed doing nothing so much that I have even started indulging in cat naps throughout the day. 

I can't wait for the first real snow fall and the heavenly blanket of snow. I am getting all emotional just thinking about it. Everything seems so calm and undisturbed. Not even a single foot print. These are the moments that I am thankful I grew up in Chicago.

And now I am off to experience the majestic Eataly. 

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