Wednesday, November 25

Lush: Santa's Lip Scrub

Every year I look forward to the Christmas Collections at Lush. Yea sometimes I feel like I'm a bit too old for Magic Wand Bubble Baths and Santa Bath bombs, yet I can't seem to stop myself from buying a few bits to spark that holiday spirit. I often make my own lip scrubs using some honey and brown sugar, maybe add in some coffee grounds, and thought that would be enough to get the job done. 

I picked this up on a whim since it said it was Cola flavored.. and it was the only one left at the counter and my shopaholic sense kicked in and I had to have the last one. The scrub tastes exactly like Cherry Cola and it is very strange at first. I loved how well it exfoliated and left my lips super smooth. It is a bit hard to get out of the pot at first since it is a very dry consistency. Beware that this does have red dye in it. I felt like a vampire with the dye running down my chin as I was washing this off. There are cute little plastic glitter hearts in the scrub but other than sticking to my bathroom sink, they had no good use and became more of an annoyance. 

Overall the Santa's Lip Scrub is adorable and a nice treat for the holidays. This would make a perfect stocking stuffer, definitely check it out before they sell out! They also have a lip balm in the same flavor for those who can't get enough of the Cherry Cola flavor. It is also one of the few things that doesn't have parabens from Lush, which is always a plus. 

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  1. Ooooh I need a good lip scrub & I love Lush so this definitely needs to be added to my list! xx,