Friday, December 4

Retiring Beauty Blenders

I have to admit that I am a slight hoarder when it comes to makeup. I find it very difficult to throw products out and always convince myself that I might need it oneee day. I actually have a drawer of items I just don't use but can't seem to part with. This leads to the topic of Beauty Blenders. Those magical pink sponges. I had one in my hoarder drawer for a while simply because I didn't know how to use it. Then a couple months later I had an epiphany and it became my holy grail while all my other foundation brushes were brushed aside. See what I did there..

Now my question for you, when was the last time you switched out your blender? Was it when it looked too horrid to pick up with blotches of foundation that just never seem to wash out? Or are you being proper and switching it out every 3 months like the official website tells you so?

I follow the rules lightly for most products and just use things up until they run out or seem to have a change in consistency, if I'm spending my hard earned dollar you can be sure they will get their use. Well, that really doesn't work with the Beauty Blender. Even with frequent washing, after about 6 months of use my blender started losing its shape. One horrifying day I took a closer look at it and noticed small black dots. My mind went into a panic! How long have I been using it and not even noticing the tiny mold spores? That couldn't be good for my skin. 

Lesson learned, switch out those beauty blender often. I have no room for mold in my beauty routine. And sometimes the rules aren't a marketing gimmick but actually in your favor. Next on my list is to try out the white Beauty Blender geared towards maximizing your skincare routine. 

Happy Holidays!


  1. Haha, this post is funny because I have a hard time retiring old makeup, brushes, sponges, etc. The beauty blender definitely needs to be switched often! xx,

  2. i remember reading another blogger's experience with her blender. she actually cut it open in half and found mold growing inside it even though she thought she was properly cleaning it. def a good idea to let it go after 6 months even if its not losing its shape.

    A Beautiful Zen