Wednesday, January 1

Nightly Essentials

My bedside table, in addition to my favorite book and iphone, always has essential products that I have to use before I fall asleep. These are the tried and tested products that I will repurchase many more times in the future. This nightly routine is simple yet effective.

I begin my night by spritzing some Bath and Body Works Warm Milk and Honey pillow spray all over my bed. I don't do this everyday since it is pretty strong but every couple of days when I am feeling extra tried. It has the most pleasant sent of warm milk with honey, just like my mom used to make me when I was young. When my head hits the pillow and I get a whiff of this scent I am suddenly transported to the good old days and fall sound asleep. I've had this for many years and am only half way through the bottle, a little goes a loooong way.

Afterwords, while I am catching up on my favorite youtubers I spray some Caudalie Beauty Exilir  all over my face for a nice refreshing feeling. I can't say that this works wonders but definitely is a nice luxury to own. Whenever my face feels dehydrated or dull I like to pamper it with this spray. The scent is very awakening and has a hint of menthol which I love.

My favorite night time lip balm is the Nuxe Reve de Miel. The honey scent is not overpowering and it glides on very smoothly. I like that it is a matte lip balm and won't leave my lips glossy while I sleep. The next morning I wake up with fresh and moisturized lips. A must have for my night routine. You don't need a lot of it so this little pot will last you ages too.

My last nightly necessity is the L'Occitane Shea Hand Cream  . This is my go to during the winter to cure my dry hands. It is thick and nourishing. Within minutes I can see a difference in my hands. This hand cream keeps my hands smooth and soft during the winter.

My last nightly ritual is burning my London Calling Candle from Bath and Body Works. This is supposedly discontinued and I have been on the hunt for more since last year, when I first found out about this scent. I randomly stopped by a Bath and Body Works a couple weeks ago and they had a whole stand filled with this scent. I squealed and bought 4 out of excitement. It smells exactly like tea and lemon, not even a bit artificial. It makes my whole room feel cozy and and comforting. I wish I could be surrounded by this scent wherever I got it makes me so happy.

What are your night time essentials?

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