Thursday, December 31

First Impression: Kevyn Aucoin The Contour Book Volume II Holiday 2015.

Kevyn Aucoin has gotten a lot of press lately for their amazing quality and packaging. Especially now with the contouring trend this palette has it all. Kevyn Aucoin has been known in the professional beauty field for quite some time now and has been commercially successful after being introduced into the Sephora brand list. Once something comes to Sephora it is bound to gain popularity and with so many people shopping there you really are able to see the quality of the brand due to it's success rate.

I was able to pick up this palette before it sold out everywhere, it keeps showing back up on the site every couple of weeks so keep an eye out. The product is a Sephora exclusive and a limited edition, so I am a bit upset that this amazing palette is now probably gone for good. Let's first talk about the value of the product. The Contour Book Volume II is by far superior to the first one created that is currently on sale on the U.S Sephora site. This second book has products that are full size or even bigger than the individuals! This type of value in a palette is rarely seen, also it's an amazing introduction to the Kevyn Aucoin beauty range. For $65 you get an amazing introduction to the product range, the Celestial Powder and Sculpting Powder would cost you $88 separately and are smaller when bought individually!

There is absolutely everything you need to create a sculpted model-like face with this contour book. You have 2 creams and 2 powders for contour/highlight, and even four eyeshadows to compliment your look. The creams have a beautiful texture and work like a primer for your contouring look, when followed with powder products they allow your look to stay on longer and fade less. The sculpting cream is reminiscent of my beloved Chanel Tan De Soleil. I can't even describe how beautiful the highlighting powder and cream are. They give a subtle dewy, not glittery, sheen to the face that is easily buildable. The lighting is horrible since it's such a gloomy and rainy day here but I tried to give you guys two perspectives of the shades. I can't wait to see how these eyeshadows hold up without creasing.

The book itself is a beautiful snake skin print that is very sturdy. I could see myself traveling with this. There are some diagrams in the front couple of pages to help you create a perfect chiseled look..but I can't say I read instructions often instead I go straight to the good stuff. I really love how classic and luxurious the palette looks since I find myself straying from most beauty pallets because of how childish and immature they look.

My only disadvantage to the product is the fact that there are no covers for the cream products. I can't say how long it will be before they will dry out without an airtight container.

Have you tried any of the Kevyn Aucoin products? 

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  1. kevyn aucoin does such amazing products. i use the contour powder in medium on a daily and its the best thing ever.